Host a Disney Plus Watch Party with friends

Step 1

Install the Teleparty Extension

Tap the "Add to Chrome" button from above to download and install the extension in your browser. Alternatively, you can get it from the Chrome Web Store. Then, pin it to the toolbar of the browser.

Step 2

Log in to your Disney Plus Account

Next, open the streaming site or app on your system and log in to your subscribed account. After that, start playing any show or movie, then from the video play screen, launch the extension by clicking the "TP" button to generate the link to your party.

Step 3

Create your Watch Party

Now, copy that invitation URL and send it to your friends and everyone you want in your watch party for If they don't already have Teleparty installed, you can quickly get it by following the above instructions.

Step 4

Watch Together

Finally, join the watch party by joining the entertainment wagon with your friends. Simply click on the invitation URL to join the party. Furthermore, chat with your party mates and have a great time!

Other Supported Platforms


Organize a virtual watch with far-flung friends & family or coworkers, classmates, or anyone!

Gather all your friends and family, even if they live virtually on the other side of the country or some other part of the world. Host the most stunning movie night, studded with your loved ones using the Teleparty Extension. With the help of the web extension Teleparty, you can watch TV shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Hotstar, Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Peacock TV, and YouTube simultaneously with friends all over the world. Furthermore, it perfectly syncs your stream so that you and all other party members watch the same content no matter where you are.


Teleparty automatically keeps everyone's videos playing in real-time sync. Now, whether you click the play button, all the screens will be in perfect sync, showing everyone the same thing.


Catch up with your virtual watch party pals and ask about the well-being of your friends. Furthermore, share your reactions and thoughts with everyone at your watch party via the chat feature right alongside the video.


This streaming extension is compatible with a number of devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, laptops, and Chromebooks. Furthermore, ensure to have either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser to get the extension.

HD Resolutions

Say farewell to lagging and low buffering videos and stream everything in high definition along with fast buffering speeds. Get a viewership experience so satisfactory that you can't get enough off.


Become a true host by taking complete charge of your Teleparty. Switch on/off the "Only I Have Control" to acquire or let go of the watch party management.

Global Accessibility

Connect with everyone you know from various parts of the world. Teleparty is available worldwide to install and host a platform Party with friends.


Roll into the confetti of emotions, laugh, cry, or get angry while streaming platform together. Enjoy every bit of the company of your loved ones across all time zones.


Get it, Its Free!

I'm ready, Give me Teleparty!