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What is a Hotstar Party

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Embark on an ever-evolving online streaming experience with Hotstar Party. This revolutionary feature transforms solo viewing into a shared delight. Moreover, this innovative tool synchronizes movie and show streams, allowing users to watch alongside friends and family, breaking geographical barriers. The user-friendly process, from subscription to setup, incorporates browser extensions for seamless synchronization and real-time chat. 

Furthermore, escape the constraints of solo streaming and relish the joy of collective entertainment. Hotstar Party cultivates togetherness, transforming each viewing session into a memorable shared adventure. Join the digital revolution, initiate your Hotstar Watch Party today, and then discover the enchantment of connecting with loved ones through shared joy.

Installation and Setup:

1. Subscribe to Hotstar:

Firstly, ensure you have an active Hotstar subscription. However, if not then, sign up on the Hotstar website and choose a plan that suits your preferences.

2. Install Browser Extension:

To facilitate synchronization, install a browser extension compatible with Hotstar Party extension features. Moreover, popular extensions include Scener or Teleparty.

3. Create an Account:

Afterwards, register for an account using the chosen browser extension. This account will be used to initiate and manage your Hotstar Watch Party.

4. Access Hotstar:

Open Hotstar in your browser and log in to your account.

5. Select Content:

Pick the film or Program you need to watch with your companions. Start playback, but pause it at the beginning.

6. Initiate the Party:

Further, use the browser extension to initiate a Hotstar Party. Invite friends by sharing a link or entering their email addresses.

7. Synchronize Playback:

Once your friends join, synchronize the playback using the extension's features to ensure everyone is watching simultaneously.

8. Enjoy Real-Time Chat:

Engage in real-time chat with your friends while watching. Use the built-in chat features to share reactions and thoughts and discuss the plot.

9. Pause and Play Together:

Ensure a seamless viewing experience by utilizing the pause and play features collectively. Henceforth, this way, everyone stays in sync.

10. Wrap Up the Party:

Once the content ends, share your final thoughts and bid farewell to your virtual Hotstar Watch Party.


1. Continuous Synchronization: Watch content fitting together with your companions, no matter what their area.

2. Interactive Chat: Participate in exuberant conversations, share responses, and make a virtual common space for critique.

3. Consistent Playback Control: Respite and play together to guarantee everybody is in a state of harmony, upgrading the collective review insight.


4. Togetherness Beyond Boundaries:

Connect with friends and family, breaking geographical barriers and fostering a sense of shared enjoyment.

5. Virtual Social Interaction:

Besides, transform traditional streaming into a social event, mimicking the experience of being together in person.

6. User-Friendly Access:

With a simple setup process, the Hotstar Party extension is accessible to a broad audience, enhancing the experience's inclusivity.

7. Memorable Shared Moments:

Create lasting memories by celebrating entertainment together, making each viewing session a unique and shared adventure.  Get Chrome Extension


In conclusion, the Hotstar Party Chrome extension at Teleparty transcends the limitations of solo streaming, offering a delightful way to enjoy content collectively with loved ones. Whether you're separated by miles or simply seeking a shared experience, Hotstar Party brings the magic of togetherness to the world of digital entertainment. So, start your Hotstar Watch Party today and embark on a journey of shared joy and connection.

FAQs about Hotstar Party Extension:

Q1. Is a Hotstar Subscription Required to Use the Hotstar Party Chrome Extension?

Yes, an active Hotstar subscription is necessary to access and initiate a Hotstar Watch Party.

Q2. Which Browser Extensions are Compatible with Hotstar Party Edge?

Popular browser extensions like Scener or Teleparty can be installed for seamless synchronization and real-time chat during Hotstar Parties.

Q3. Can I Pause and Play Content Collectively During a Hotstar Watch Party?

Absolutely! Hotstar Party Firefox features seamless playback control, allowing everyone to pause and play together, ensuring a synchronized viewing experience.

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