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Use Teleparty (Formerly Netflix Party) to Watch HBO Disney Plus and More

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It's no longer a secret what Netflix is; Netflix was present even before quarantine or pandemic conditions. But came into light, or you can say in full acceleration force in COVID-19. During that period, Netflix, which lets us stream and connect with our loved ones effortlessly by downloading its extension, got the major attention of people. Using this extension will make you more social and communicative, as it also has a chit-chat feature. Moreover, during the pandemic, streaming shows and movies were known to be a way to hang out with friends virtually and safely. 

Netflix is also one of the best ways to connect and spend time with those residing in distant places or other countries. If you don’t know, Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is still available but with some minor updates. Now, enjoy watching your favorite movies or shows with your friends on HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, and other streaming platforms. Yes, it is possible, even if they are unavailable on the Netflix streaming service. Another unique thing is that Teleparty is a free accessible extension available in the Google Chrome web browser. 

Remember, accessing its useful features lets you stop, start, and pause a movie or show so you can watch it simultaneously while others are watching. Furthermore, another exceptional thing you will find in its features is a side chat bar. Using this, you can chit-chat and discuss all your favorite scenes in the movie or show. And don’t worry because we are not done yet, as much more is waiting for you. Such as How to use Teleparty Chrome Extension and how to start a watch party, so be there.   


Ensure Everyone in the Teleparty List Must Have a Login Account

To become a part of the watch party, it is necessary for the people who got an invitation must have a login account. It is so because only then can the joiner connect and watch movies & shows at the watch party with their host and other friends. If you are a new user and don’t have an account, you can switch to streaming platforms. One of them is Netflix, where you can get a free 30-day trial offer. Remember, this offer is only valid for new subscribers only. Suppose you are not a new subscriber; then, you can reactivate your account only at $9 monthly. 

And you can even cancel that subscription at any time and anywhere. After having a Netflix account, you can even share it with two to four other family members. But don’t forget to consider your subscription first that you have before sharing your account. Hulu allows two people to use the account at once. But only if they have upgraded to the Unlimited Screens Add-On. So this is all needed to add more than two subscribers on Hulu. 

How to Download the Teleparty Extension? 

Besides having a streaming service account, downloading the Teleparty Chrome extension is another relevant feature. And from here, you can learn how to do this: 

1. Begin by visiting, the official website of Teleparty. Use your Google Chrome web browser to reach there.

2. Next, you need to click the “Get Teleparty for free” option.

3. Consequently, it will take you to the Google Chrome web store page. So you can download the Teleparty Chrome extension on your device. 

4. Once the installation is done, click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

5. Further, it will open a pop-up box on your screen. If you need to select the “Add Extension” option. 

6. Doing so will let you see the Teleparty icon in your browser toolbar. 

How to Start Watching Movies with Friends?

You can watch unlimited shows and movies with your friends once you download this Teleparty extension. Now, let’s get started with what the procedure says: 

1. First and foremost, open a new tab in your Google Chrome web browser. And then you can log in to Netflix or any other streaming platform you want to.

2. Next, you have to pick a show, movie, or series that you prefer to watch by clicking on it. 

3. After a while, the color of the Teleparty icon will automatically change from gray to red. Don’t forget to click the icon and select the “Start the party” icon. 

4. Remember, the watch party host is not just restricted to creating a watch party. Control over pausing & playing the show and allotting controllability is also in the host’s hands. 

5. Don’t forget to copy the URL appearing in the pop-up box. And also, ensure to send it to whoever you want to invite to your watch party.

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