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How to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus

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Paramount Plus has changed the game-seeing scene, introducing a wide range of live occasions traversing football, ball, and then some. With the appearance of the Paramount Plus Watch Party extension, fans can join with companions and individual lovers, paying little heed to remove, to savor games together. This comprehensive guide navigates you through leveraging the Paramount Plus Watch Party Chrome extension, enriching your live sports encounter. From installation to inviting companions and engaging in real-time discussions, uncover how Paramount Plus fosters a sense of togetherness and exhilaration, binding fans closer as they rally behind their cherished teams.

Step 1: Install the Paramount Plus Watch Party Extension

First, ensure you have the Google Chrome internet browser introduced on your PC. Then, search the Chrome Web Store for the "Paramount Plus Watch Party" extension. Click on "Add to Chrome" to introduce the extension to your program.

Step 2: Sign Up for Paramount Plus and Log In

If you have yet to proactively seek after Paramount Plus, visit the Paramount Plus site to make a record and pick a participation plan. At the point when you've joined, sign in to your Paramount Plus account using your capabilities.

Step 3: Start Watching a Live Sports Event

Explore the games area on Paramount Plus and pick the live game you need to watch. Click on the game to begin streaming it.

Step 4: Invite Friends to Join the Watch Party

Once the game has started playing, click on the Paramount Plus Watch Party extension icon in your Chrome browser. Select "Start a Watch Party" and generate a unique link to invite friends.

Step 5: Chat and Interact While Watching

As your companions join the watch party utilizing the link you gave, they can match up with the live game and watch it together continuously. The Paramount Plus Watch Party Chrome extension similarly incorporates a visit capacity, allowing you to convey and help out your buddies while watching the game.

Step 6: Enjoy the Game Together

Sit back, unwind, and partake in the live games activity with your companions through the Paramount Plus Party. Share reactions, commend your main gathering, and partake in enthusiastic discussions as you watch the game spread out. Get Chrome Extension


With the Paramount Plus Party extension at Teleparty, observing live games on Paramount Plus becomes a social and intuitive experience. Introduce the augmentation, welcome your companions, and applaud your #1 groups together, regardless of where you are. Prepare to lift your games, seeing involvement in Paramount Plus and the Watch Party extension.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do I Install the Paramount Plus Watch Party Extension?

Ensure you have the Google Chrome browser, then visit the Chrome Web Store, search for "Paramount Party," and click "Add to Chrome."

Q2. Can I Watch Live Sports Events with Friends using the Watch Party Extension?

Absolutely! Whenever you install the Paramount + Party extension, you can invite companions to join your Watch Party and play the game together progressively.

Q3. Is the Watch Party Extension Available for Other Web Browsers Besides Chrome?

Currently, the Paramount Party extension is only available for Google Chrome. However, Paramount Plus may expand compatibility in the future.

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