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How to use Teleparty to Host a Movie Night While Social Distancing

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In the current era of social distancing, traditional movie nights might seem like a distant memory. However, with the help of Tele Party (formerly Netflix Party), movie nights are possible and enhanced. Using the Chrome browser and a simple extension, Teleparty allows you to host movie nights seamlessly, even during extended social distancing. 

As of the latest update on December 5, 2020, Netflix Party has rebranded to Tele Party, expanding its support to various streaming services, including Netflix Party, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO. Despite the geographical limitations of the latter two in Canada, the essence of how to use Teleparty remains unchanged. So, gather your friends virtually and bring back the joy of movie nights from the comfort of your homes.

Briefly Describe Teleparty Extension: 

Tele Party, or Teleparty Chrome extension, facilitates shared movie or TV show streaming for multiple individuals, bringing a collective viewing experience even when physically apart. The process is simple: install Teleparty extension, choose your content, and initiate a Tele Party. Invite friends, ensuring they also have the Teleparty Chrome extension and enjoy synchronized playback across all devices. 

With an integrated chat panel, you can engage in conversations while watching, enhancing the social aspect of the experience. If Tele Party aligns with your preferences, especially during social distancing in the COVID-19 era, continue reading to discover how to use Teleparty and host your virtual gathering.

1. Prerequisites for Getting Started

To get started with how to use Teleparty, make sure you have a laptop equipped with the Google Chrome browser. Since Tele Party is a Chrome extension, it's essential for this setup. While Tele Party generally supports Chromium-based browsers, Chrome ensures the best compatibility. Additionally, an active Netflix account is a must, and of course, round up some friends to join your virtual viewing party (though that last part might be the trickiest). Once you have these prerequisites, you can begin your shared streaming experience. divide it into points

2. Add Teleparty Extension to Chrome

Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and initiate the installation process by clicking the 'Add to Chrome' button for Tele Party. This step adds the Teleparty Chrome extension to your browser. It's essential for all participants, whether hosting or joining the party, to have this extension installed.

3. Commence Viewing Experience on Netflix

After installing the Teleparty Chrome extension:

1. Navigate to Netflix and select a movie or series to watch.

2. Begin playback, then click on the Teleparty extension in your browser's top-right corner.

3. Copy the URL provided to invite others to join the viewing session.

4. Please share this link with your friends to bring them into the virtual watch party.

If you receive an invite, click on the shared link and then use the Teleparty extension to join the viewing session. With these straightforward steps, you're set to enjoy Netflix together, even while physically apart.

Final Verdict:

Reviving the joy of movie nights, Tele Party (formerly Netflix Party) allows shared streaming experiences with friends. With Chrome and the Teleparty Chrome extension, it effortlessly hosts virtual movie nights, now supporting Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max. Ideal for collective viewing during social distancing, gather your friends online and enjoy the camaraderie of movie nights from the comfort of your homes.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. What is Tele Party, and how does it Enhance Remote Movie Nights?

Tele Party (formerly Netflix Party) is a Chrome extension enabling shared streaming, allowing multiple users to watch movies or TV shows together, even when physically separated. It enhances the social experience with synchronized playback and an integrated chat panel.

2. What do I Need to start a Virtual Movie Night with Tele Party?

First, you'll need a laptop with the Google Chrome browser, an active Netflix account, and friends to join your virtual viewing party. Chrome compatibility is crucial; all participants must install the Teleparty extension.

3. How do I set up a Tele Party for a shared Viewing Experience on Netflix?

Add the Tele Party extension to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store, then go to Netflix, select a movie or series, and start playback. Click the Teleparty extension, copy the URL, and share it with friends to invite them. If you receive an invite, click the link and use the extension to join seamlessly.

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